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The Fred and Ruth Bartling Scholarship

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For over five decades, the distinguished Professor Bartling’s teaching has helped countless people open their view of the world and current social issues through history.  With humor, intellectual curiosity and humility, he challenged students to think critically and ask important questions. The Fred and Ruth Bartling scholarship was established in 2010 to financially aid Concordia students who have a heart for history, compassion for people and an interest in social justice issues.

Born out of Gratitude: Students give the Scholarship its start.

The idea of the scholarship was born from the desire of Concordia Academy alumni to express their gratitude for the impact Dr. Bartling’s teaching and influence have had on their lives.  With the establishment and continued growth  of The Fred  and  Ruth Bartling Scholarship, we can ensure Dr. Bartling’s heart for history, passion for people and life of learning  will be honored through financially assisting History or Social Studies licensure students who have demonstrated commitment to social leadership and have financial need.

Academy Alumni with Prof. & Mrs. Bartling

Academy Alumni with Prof. & Mrs. Bartling

With the help of colleagues, friends and family, the scholarship has established itself with a $50,000 base.  We are continuing to seek contributions so the scholarship and can grow for many years to come.  We invite you to express your gratitude for Prof. Bartling and his wife, Ruth in making a donation – small or large – any contribution that will all benefit the next generation of historically grounded, socially conscious thinkers.

To give, Click here ,contact Concordia Donor Relations at 651-641-8222 or email or consider deferred giving through your will. 


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