By happenstance viewing computer files  “Disc 1  Family photos 1958 to 1985 – Christmas 2007”  appeared on the screen. The theme:  THE CIRCLE OF LIFE – ENCIRCLED BY GRACE was the message shared with our children. This holiday season respect and empathy ought be given to the diversity of cultural and religious heritages of all in aContinue reading “FAMILY PHOTOS – THE CIRCLE OF LIFE”


A scripture read at a recent service came from the prophet Malachi. His name means my messenger. Malachi warns (4: 1-2a) that the day of the Lord is coming. On that day evil will be destroyed like stubble in a fire, when “the sun of righteousness” will shine on those who fear God. Our MondayContinue reading “THE NIGHT OF BROKEN GLASS/HOLOCAUST: DON’T BLAME GOD”


On the cusp of my 85th birthday (6/3/1928) a retrospective musing on YEAR 84 may be in order. Ruth and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary on December 27th, 2013. Anniversary observance was shared with four Twin Cities families that included mates and several grandchildren. High point of a delightful family gathering was sharing with each a copyContinue reading “YEAR 84 – ANNIVERSARIES AND CONTINUED BLESSINGS”


Sunday (4/21/2013) was Good Shepherd Sunday  in the liturgical church year   Where we worship the theme Hope in Recovery Sunday  was joined to the Good Shepherd emphasis. Joining the themes “recovery” depends upon The Good Shepherd and the support of the Shepherd’s sheep. The congregation sponsors an Alcoholics Anonymous group with a 12 – step: Singing and Dancing Down the RoadContinue reading “STOP TRYING TO PLAY GOD”

Valentine’s Day: THE GRAMMAR OF LOVE

February 14, 2013 THE GRAMMAR OF LOVE:  a sentence has subject and predicate, a noun often necessitates a verb and often an active verb. Love manifests itself in loving. The personality  and essential character of my mate of sixty years, Ruth,  provided for her mate a consistent demonstration of that GRAMMAR. Divine Providence not wishing manContinue reading “Valentine’s Day: THE GRAMMAR OF LOVE”

“Amazing Grace” – “great deliverance”

December 4, 2012 “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound . . .”.  The author of those familiar words was John Newton born in London in 1725.  After serving on a ship involved in the slave trade he eventually became the captain of his own ship also involved in the slave trade. During a violent storm atContinue reading ““Amazing Grace” – “great deliverance””

“Godly Gossip” / “Bountiful Feet Announcing Good News”

November 18, 2012 The 1953 graduating class of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis numbered 102 graduates. That class of which I was a member will observe shortly 60 years of ministry. Over the course of the past fifteen years  Rev. Dr. Arlo Nau has kept classmates in touch by occasionally sending news of classmates headlined: Godly Gossip. Of the original 102Continue reading ““Godly Gossip” / “Bountiful Feet Announcing Good News””

Bahai and Cao Dai Religious Sects: Syncretistic Monotheism

November 4, 2012 Recently we visited The Bahai House of Worship (Temple) in Wilmette, Illinois, one of eight serving continental areas. This House of worship’s “ornamental tracery” is a celebration of the light representing the new revelation from the latest messenger of God, Mirza Husayn-Ali. “The temple design transcends any specific culture, forming a unique structure” characteristicContinue reading “Bahai and Cao Dai Religious Sects: Syncretistic Monotheism”


How approach my role as American citizen on national Independence Day?  Often  we may become distracted from our vocation as citizen in context of political divisiveness and pressing economic and social issues.  How place my calling as citizen in a more liberating and “relaxed”  context to celebrate more fully that citizenship?  That depends,  in my view, on the spiritual underpinnings ofContinue reading “FOURTH OF JULY THEOLOGICAL MUSING – A “RELAXED” VOCATIONAL CALLING”