The 1987 bicentennial year of the adoption of the Constitution my wife and I  while on sabbatical at the University of  Wisconsin attended a seminar titled: Cerebrating the Constitution. Each week a nationally renowned scholar addressed a topic regarding the history of or important questions regarding the Constitution. This past week the news media have involved significantly in Cerebrating the Constitution (intellectual discussion).

Commentators on last week’s NPR Washington Week in Review noted that Michele Bachman,Continue reading “CEREBRATING THE CONSTITUTION – JULY 4, 2011”


Recently it was suggested in the Minneapolis Startribune to change the name of Minneapolis’ Lake Calhoun.  The lake’s namesake, it is argued, makes the name inappropriate. Why?  John C. Calhoun, it is stated, was a Southern racist politician who championed slavery.  A letter to the editor (6/19)  put it succinctly thatContinue reading “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND LAKE CALHOUN”


On Humphrey’s  100th birthday anniversary last Friday (5-27) our cooperative showed a new documentary,  “The  Art of the Possible”  dealing with his political career. Bill Moyers remarked in the documentary: “while we may not remember Hubert Humphrey’s name his fingerprints are all over the America of today”.  Humphrey shepherded New Deal, Fair Deal, and Great Society programs through the Senate over a thirty year period, 1948-1968. A few examplesContinue reading “HUBERT H. HUMPHREY’S 100TH BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY”


Thursday (May 26)  Serbian security forces apprehended Ratko Mladic accused of war crimes and genocide. Trial  at a war crimes tribunal in the Hague likely to follow.  Mladic was a general in the Bosnia Serb army during the Bosnian War (1992-1995) and  led the siege of Serajevo and the genocidal execution of 8000 men and boys (1995) in Srebrenica. Bringing him to justice is mandatory for Serbia’s welcome into the European Union.  Mladavic’s motivation was to expel from Bosnia Muslim Bosnians and Croats and bring about unification of Bosnia.with Serbia. Motivation of revenge related to historical grievances against the Muslims.  My wife and I experienced the historical Muslim Turkish presence in the Balkans and south-eastern Europe at the Hotel Minaret ,Continue reading “RATKO MLADIC — GENOCIDE– SULEIMAN THE MAGNIFICENT”


An insightful addendum to my recent blog: A FITTING CODA TO SEPT 11, 2001.  Yesterday’s evening news had an interview with one of the college youth present at Ground Zero and shouting ” USA – USA” after hearing of the assassination of Bin Laden. The student was asked why the chant. The reply stated Continue reading “GENERATION Y – BIN LADEN – SEPT 11, 2001”

Can’t Let Violence Overcome Non-Violence

May 18, 2011

Last evening my wife and I watched the American Experience TV production of the Freedom Riders. Living in Auburn, Alabama at the time and reviewing the violent events at nearby Anniston, Birmingham, and Montgomery fifty years later is very evocative for me.  My  retrospective Shaped By History p. 4-5 included  in this website describes  the impact of  the Freedom Rides on the white population of Auburn and myself as well. Freedom Rider John Lewis (U.S. Congressman) states the Riders were deliberately violating segregation laws determined “that freedom come to the deep South –  (where segregationist whites were) blind to the reality of racism and afraid of change.”  President Kennedy spoke for freedom for the whole world but not the segregated South. Political concerns won’t tolerate integration. Question:  would  Freedom Riders lead Kennedy to protect Freedom Riders’ rights.  The violence that spring and summer ultimately lead Robert Kennedy (attorney general) to have the Interstate Commerce Commission order desegregation in all interstate commerce. Today many of the places where violence  happened are museums. Indicates to me the importance of taking a long-ranged view of reform and the redemptive nature of the American Reform Tradition.

New York Times – The New Republican Landscape

April 18,2011

Today’s TIMES  editorial:  THE NEW REPUBLICAN LANDSCAPE “it is possible to see the full landscape of destruction that their policies would cause . . . . The Party is fully engaged in a project to dismantle the foundations of the New Deal and the Great Society. . . Continue reading “New York Times – The New Republican Landscape”


The Lynx, Minnesota womens’  pro basketball team, drafted  Maya Moore,  the nation’s top basketball player for the second year in a row. She has signed a contract with a rookie  salary scale of $46, 708 for the first year. Over a four year period the top salary would be $59,552  What do you think the top collegiate male  basketball player would receive?  No doubt multi-million  and multi-year contract. So much for gender equality.