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April 14, 2011


True Grit

by profbartling1

Took in at Riverview Theater last night True Grit – 10 Academy nominations. Must try to muster “true grit” for blogging as administrator daughter Anastasia insists. Enjoyed the movie – a lot of western themes part of mythology regarding the American West – guns blazing with rugged individualism displayed, amidst lonesome vistas.  Western reality, as I recall in a seminar setting with my students, is rather complex determining  what is stereotype and what is fact.

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  1. profbartling1
    Apr 15 2011

    Certrainly individualism is a key characteristic of the American culture. More than any other culture and certainly Europe. From the earliest beginnings this has been so. Read the Weems biog of Washington – the pre-Civil War generation was anxious that their individualism was negating the national unity of the Founders. Indiividualism vs. community is a pesistent theme in our history, No doubt indiividualism is the key distinguishing component that defines our culture.

  2. Apr 15 2011

    Is the notion of the cowboy, ruggedly independent and rebellous a part of our American identity? What does the professor say? How is this a good/bad thing, if so?

  3. Apr 14 2011

    My daughter administrator has to teach me how to get rid of typos before publishing.


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