February 22, 2012

Becketwood Cooperative’s resident art curator announced the fortieth consecutive monthly art exhibition for March.  Submitted art is to be accompanied with a descriptive statement of 75 words or less.




Our household’s contribution:

(Ruth)  I have a framed three-dimensional Valentine c1890’s given to me by daughter Stephanie on my 69th birthday.  Her personal message reads, “Happy Birthday Belated, of course.  I have had the gift for a year.  When I saw it, I knew it would not fit anyone better than you – the woman who taught me to enjoy and celebrate special days in our lives.”  The inside message reads, “A Glow of Love – Most true and bright – A fount of gladness infinite – Is what I wish for thee.”

(Fritz)  I have a print made by Jeanne Wiger, a friend and accomplished artist in a more modern and abstract manner, of an outstretched palm of the Almighty holding symbolically the arm of humanity in the palm of His hand.  Based on Matthew 25: 25-30, “for I was hungry and you gave me food, etc.”  For my eightieth birthday, she superimposed photographs of me depicting what she perceived as my servant and vocational role as pastor, teacher, and family man in the role of vocational servanthood.  On Sunday, June 8, 2008 I was presented with this art piece.

The incredible art exhibitions every month are the work of our resident curator, Jerry Nordstrom – a retired high school art teacher at Minnehaha Academy,  along with help of his committee.  The quality of their work in arranging and hanging the  art in the THE WELLINGTON GALLERY is  professionally displayed. The organizational ability of the resident curator is amazing.  Most of the monthly exhibitions display art belonging to  and loaned by cooperative residents, or occasionally that of  friends or organizations..

Becketwood Cooperative is a six story art museum with halls, elevator areas, and public spaces subtly and thematically hung with art works owned or donated by residents over the years.  Arranged and displayed art is not to be moved or removed without the resident curator’s approval.  Walking the entire length of the hallways, approximates more than a mile and one quarter in length,  provides the hiker a varied and interestingly pleasing aesthetic art experience.

Our cooperative has many patrons and champions of art and cultural events both here and in the Twin Cities. Several members are respectable artists, musicians and choir members, a number of published writers and poets, even a playwriter producer, several book clubs,  attendees at continuing education courses, and so on ad infinitum.

While attending graduate school at Minnesota University a professor often stated:  “the human is the only animal with imagination”.  This, he asserted, is the reason for the creation of culture in its diversity both in space and history. Walking the Becketwood halls or viewing the art in the Wellington gallery affords insight into Cultural Anthropology and  the cultural variations among humans considered historically and in the present.


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