First Bartling Scholarship Awarded : Student David Edwards

October 21, 2012

The second Bartling History Lecture, October 17, 2012,  presented  “The Freedom to Move” a dialogue with University of Minnesota’s Dr. Donna Gabbacia. The occasion made possible the public awarding of the first Bartling Scholarship recipient, David Edwards. Selected by the history faculty,  David is a senior majoring in history. Blogs on his  Honors Program  web site describe his biographical, academic, life goals, and his broad range of interests.  (google: David Edwards – Concordia University)

David introduces himself on his Honor Program blog: 

About me  . . . .  My name is David Edwards  . . . .  I was born in Calgary Alberta, Canada, which was pretty unique in Texas, but I guess not so much in Minnesota. I moved to Texas at the age of 6, in 1996. I have thee sisters, two older, and one younger. I thoroughly enjoy watching history channel, discovery channel, and some shows on comedy central. One of my favorite shows is The Office, and I love Band of Brothers. I was on the wrestling team, all four years of High School, I tried football in 7th and 8th grade, and was somewhat unsuccessful. I love going to youth group on Sundays and just hanging out with my friends in youth group. I enjoy talking about history, especially military history, which has influenced my choice to major in History, and I am also planning to go on to seminary to become a pastor. To continue on the topic of what I like to talk about, I also really like talking about cars and trucks and what not, I own a 1981 Chevy pickup, which right now I’m just trying to keep running and passing inspection, but I have big long term plans.  All this information about things I like to talk about would probably lead you to conclude that I like to talk, yet its true, but I like to have good conversations, and not just do all the talking.”

The evening of the Bartling Lecture and awarding of the first Fred and Ruth Bartling Scholarship award a formal diner in David Edwards’ honor was held.  David’s history professors formally presented David to a small group of Fred and Ruth Bartling Scholarship endowment organizers and scholarship friends. In extended group conversation the first Bartling Scholarship scholar demonstrated a mature, well-balanced self -assurance, scholarly instincts, and interests broadly based.

The Fred and Ruth Bartling Scholarship was endowed through the financial gifts of  an estimated 175 individuals.  Our thanks to those contributors  and those whose planning, strategy, and vision  brought the awarding of the first scholarship to reality. It is a great honor that there now is an endowment base upon which financial support will be rewarded to fine scholars such as David Ewards.

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One thought on “First Bartling Scholarship Awarded : Student David Edwards

  1. Hi–I like this recipient, and I am sure will get even more momentum with the spirit behind the scholarship. Thanks for filling us in on this interesting information–V

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