Fourteenth Amendment — context for contemporary issue relating to citizenship and voting rights

The relationship between state citizenship and national citizenship was unclear in the Constitution.  The Fourteenth Amendment in 1868,  contains a “citizenship clause” which establishes the nation as one body of citizens of one nation without question.  The Dred Scott decision of 1857 recognized two classes of citizens – the citizens naturalized by Congress, and whites whoContinue reading “Fourteenth Amendment — context for contemporary issue relating to citizenship and voting rights”


The American women’s hockey team tearfully stood on the podium wearing their silver medals. Rather than placing their silver medal victory in a sportsmanship relationship with that of gold they begrudged their own victory. They did not cross the oceans to Zochi  to return home without the anticipated gold medal. Seventy years ago in our varsity dressing room our coach  displayed the motto: Continue reading “SOCHI; U.S. WOMEN’S HOCKEY TEAM BEGRUDGES OLMYPIC VICTORY”


Recently my reading included Stephen Greenblatt’s Pulitzer Prize Winner The SWERVE:  How the World BECAME MODERN. The book jacket announces Greenblatt’s work as “A RIVETING TALE Of The Great Cultural Swerve Known as the RENAISSANCE”. Reading the book reminded me of several themes encountered in my reading and studies. Greenblatt tells how a humanist bookContinue reading “RECOVERING THE CLASSICAL HERITAGE – HOW THE WORLD BECAME MODERN”

History as “Living in the World” – Bartling Lecture Series 2013

The third presentation in the Bartling Lecture Series (Wednesday, October 16th, 10:30 – 11:25 a.m. Buenger Education Center, Concordia University, St. Paul ) focuses on topics that were of particular interest to me during my teaching career at Concordia University, such as human and civil rights, women’s issues, history and learning. This year’s lecture  will beContinue reading “History as “Living in the World” – Bartling Lecture Series 2013″


January 12, 2013 As a memorial to the late President Kennedy President Lyndon Johnson with Dr. King at his side signed the Civil Rights Act of July 2, 1964 with bipartisan support.  This far-reaching civil rights measure  banned discrimination in public accommodations, guaranteed voter registration and voting rights, provided for governmental intervention to support school integration, and a ban on jobContinue reading “MLK Observance Day (1/21/2013): KING’S MARCH FROM SELMA TO MONTGOMERY”

Email to Siblings, 10/5/2004: Fritz Re- Evangelical Right and the Election/ Reaction 11/7/2012

November 7, 2012 Some years ago I saved emails considered important or interesting.  Recently curiosity led me to open a number of saved email discs. Among them I opened the disc with the email sent to my siblings the day after George George W. Bush’  rather narrow reelection in opposition to John Kerry on NovemberContinue reading “Email to Siblings, 10/5/2004: Fritz Re- Evangelical Right and the Election/ Reaction 11/7/2012”

First Bartling Scholarship Awarded : Student David Edwards

October 21, 2012 The second Bartling History Lecture, October 17, 2012,  presented  “The Freedom to Move” a dialogue with University of Minnesota’s Dr. Donna Gabbacia. The occasion made possible the public awarding of the first Bartling Scholarship recipient, David Edwards. Selected by the history faculty,  David is a senior majoring in history. Blogs on his  Honors Program  web site describeContinue reading “First Bartling Scholarship Awarded : Student David Edwards”

Scholarship Celebrates New Level

June 5, 2012 We  received good news that the scholarship fund has reached $30,000 and become an official endowed scholarship! With the minimum scholarship level met, we now can look forward to awarding the first Fred and Ruth Bartling Scholar in the fall with the continued efforts to reach $50,000. Thank you to the 165 donorsContinue reading “Scholarship Celebrates New Level”

Scholarship Nearing Goal

Welcome friends!  Welcome to the Barting Scholarship website. It has been a rich and rewarding year of reconnecting with old friends and colleagues as the Bartling Scholarship kicked off last fall. The goal is to reach $50,000 by the end of this school year.  Thanks to the contributions of those so far, we are at $28,500 whichContinue reading “Scholarship Nearing Goal”


Something I always tried to teach my students and remind  myself is the following ( blog readers know I harp on this):  “that of which you are most certain – of that be most critical”. That should suggest that even though I am a committed Christian with a discreet worldview does not imply one should not be open toContinue reading “RESPECTFUL ECUMENICITY”