The American women’s hockey team tearfully stood on the podium wearing their silver medals. Rather than placing their silver medal victory in a sportsmanship relationship with that of gold they begrudged their own victory. They did not cross the oceans to Zochi  to return home without the anticipated gold medal.

Seventy years ago in our varsity dressing room our coach  displayed the motto:  WIN WITHOUT BOASTING – LOSE WITHOUT EXCUSES.  This motto can shape a sportsmanlike approach when participating or observing athletic activities.  There were, no doubt, women hockey teams participating in the Olympic games who would celebrate at the victory podium wearing  a silver medal. The motto, it seems,  has applicability in our lives in general manner.   


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Retired professor Concordia University, St. Paul, Mn. Taught mainly American History. Also taught in other areas of history, philosophy, and theology,

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