Valentine’s Day: THE GRAMMAR OF LOVE

February 14, 2013 THE GRAMMAR OF LOVE:  a sentence has subject and predicate, a noun often necessitates a verb and often an active verb. Love manifests itself in loving. The personality  and essential character of my mate of sixty years, Ruth,  provided for her mate a consistent demonstration of that GRAMMAR. Divine Providence not wishing manContinue reading “Valentine’s Day: THE GRAMMAR OF LOVE”

NAPOLEON’S WATERLOO – Military Miniatures

February 1, 2013 One of my Academy “lads” favored me with four photos of his erstwhile hobby displayed in his newly purchased display case military miniatures depicting Napoleon’s Waterloo.  Tim Utter, admission counselor at Concordia University, was an Academy student during the years I was an Academy instructor during the early and mid-sixties. Tim is a member ofContinue reading “NAPOLEON’S WATERLOO – Military Miniatures”

Lincoln Film: 13th Amendment – Protagonists Debate Slavery and Race Issue

January 24, 2013 Steven Speilberg’s movie Lincoln  portrays the 16th president’s actions to have the Thirteenth Amendment adopted to abolish slavery, end the Civil War, and reunite the country.  Passage of the Amendment required passage in the House of Representatives. What captured my attention pursuant to the Amendment’s passage was focused mainly upon the acrimonious debate between Fernando Wood , Lee Pace acting,Continue reading “Lincoln Film: 13th Amendment – Protagonists Debate Slavery and Race Issue”


January 12, 2013 As a memorial to the late President Kennedy President Lyndon Johnson with Dr. King at his side signed the Civil Rights Act of July 2, 1964 with bipartisan support.  This far-reaching civil rights measure  banned discrimination in public accommodations, guaranteed voter registration and voting rights, provided for governmental intervention to support school integration, and a ban on jobContinue reading “MLK Observance Day (1/21/2013): KING’S MARCH FROM SELMA TO MONTGOMERY”

Emancipation Proclamation Sesquicentennial – Discussion in the Man Cave

January 3, 2013 New Year Eve Day a StarTribune op-ed was titled: WHEN THE WATCHWORD WAS FREEDOM.   Wallace Alcorn observes: “One hundred and fifty years ago this evening, on New Year’s Eve 1862, thousands of black people across the South Carolina sea islands surrounding Port Royal Sound gathered in their small churches for another Watch Night Service  . .Continue reading “Emancipation Proclamation Sesquicentennial – Discussion in the Man Cave”

“Amazing Grace” – “great deliverance”

December 4, 2012 “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound . . .”.  The author of those familiar words was John Newton born in London in 1725.  After serving on a ship involved in the slave trade he eventually became the captain of his own ship also involved in the slave trade. During a violent storm atContinue reading ““Amazing Grace” – “great deliverance””

“Godly Gossip” / “Bountiful Feet Announcing Good News”

November 18, 2012 The 1953 graduating class of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis numbered 102 graduates. That class of which I was a member will observe shortly 60 years of ministry. Over the course of the past fifteen years  Rev. Dr. Arlo Nau has kept classmates in touch by occasionally sending news of classmates headlined: Godly Gossip. Of the original 102Continue reading ““Godly Gossip” / “Bountiful Feet Announcing Good News””

Email to Siblings, 10/5/2004: Fritz Re- Evangelical Right and the Election/ Reaction 11/7/2012

November 7, 2012 Some years ago I saved emails considered important or interesting.  Recently curiosity led me to open a number of saved email discs. Among them I opened the disc with the email sent to my siblings the day after George George W. Bush’  rather narrow reelection in opposition to John Kerry on NovemberContinue reading “Email to Siblings, 10/5/2004: Fritz Re- Evangelical Right and the Election/ Reaction 11/7/2012”

Why We Love To Hate Politicians

November 5, 2012 Four days prior to the General Election Dr. Charles (Chuck)  Graham presented a lecture: Why We Love To Hate Politician.  His audience was his fellow Becketwood Cooperative members. Known as Chuck here at Becketwood he is beloved and respected and a  stimulating contributor to Mancave discussion.  With a doctorate in political science he served as an aid to Senator ProxmireContinue reading “Why We Love To Hate Politicians”