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November 14, 2011

WHAT IS FAMILY?  Defining family as restricted to a married man and woman and their children is far too  narrow. There are all kinds of families. Read more »


FRED’S THANKS FOR FREDSTOCK – “Student – Teacher: Knowledge and Meaning Dialogue”

November 3, 2011

Ruth and I wish to express our thanks for the wonderful cooperative effort by so many making Fredstock a successful and fun evening. Academy lads from 1962-1968, especially the class of 1966 who suggested the scholarship with the  leadership of  their classmate Dr. Daniel Kriefall.  The Alumni Office served most helpfully in fielding captains who contacted alumni from the Academy, various College and University groups,  such as social science  and history majors, MTEPS , CSAL,  and degree completion programs.. We thank all for their efforts.  Finally it is our children who with imagination and hard work brought Fredstock and the championing of the scholarship to reality. All six children had their assigned roles and effectively worked together. No doubt they inherited their mother’s organizational skills.  I am sure the siblings would agree that Stephanie (which means crown in Greek) exhibited an extraordinary effort and effective coordination and leadership. Anastasia, on her part, built the The Bartling Scholarship web site that has effectively kept her father off the streets with blogging duties.  Love and God bless to all.

Fifty years as teacher and professor at Concordia Academy, College, and University has been a journey affording great joy and happiness in vocation Read more »


Concordia Homecoming 2011

Concordia Homecoming 023Concordia Homecoming 016Concordia Homecoming 003Concordia Homecoming 015Concordia Homecoming 026Concordia Homecoming 017

Concordia Homecoming 2011, a set on Flickr.

Prof. Bartling makes a stop to greet his granddaughters at the FREDSTOCK booth during Homecoming 2011.