Scholarship Celebrates New Level

June 5, 2012 We  received good news that the scholarship fund has reached $30,000 and become an official endowed scholarship! With the minimum scholarship level met, we now can look forward to awarding the first Fred and Ruth Bartling Scholar in the fall with the continued efforts to reach $50,000. Thank you to the 165 donorsContinue reading “Scholarship Celebrates New Level”

Scholarship Nearing Goal

Welcome friends!  Welcome to the Barting Scholarship website. It has been a rich and rewarding year of reconnecting with old friends and colleagues as the Bartling Scholarship kicked off last fall. The goal is to reach $50,000 by the end of this school year.  Thanks to the contributions of those so far, we are at $28,500 whichContinue reading “Scholarship Nearing Goal”

Grandma Schmidt’s Apple Kuchen Recipe

February 6, 2013 (See blog January 26, 2012 of which the following is a response by Grandma Schmidt’s relative. “‘Grandma Schmidt’s Apple Kuchen’ Disappears”. Hi Folks!  After Prof. Bartling’s blog was published about the missing Apple Kuchen, people began requesting the recipe.  We believe the secret to be the mixing with the hands and the specifics about theContinue reading “Grandma Schmidt’s Apple Kuchen Recipe”