Scholarship Celebrates New Level

June 5, 2012

We  received good news that the scholarship fund has reached $30,000 and become an official endowed scholarship! With the minimum scholarship level met, we now can look forward to awarding the first Fred and Ruth Bartling Scholar in the fall with the continued efforts to reach $50,000.

Thank you to the 165 donors who have  generously given to the scholarship fund.  With each contributor there is a story, such as the  11-year-old who gave his winnings from a basketball competition  and a giver who was determined to get a matching grant from their place of business. We are grateful to the  alumni  who nourished the financial soil from the beginning and established the roots of the scholarship. More than one discerned to contribute  with  the deferred giving option ensuring a sturdy, growing endowment.

Special Recognition

So many must be thanked for their efforts in meeting this important milestone. First, to Dan Kriefall  ’66  for his vision, leadership, and commitment to making the scholarship a reality. It was Dan and his classmates who hatched the idea for the scholarship as they gathered at an All-Academy reunion over two years ago. Other Academy alum have become instrumental in organizing the scholarship efforts, most notably David Noenning ’63 and the Academy organizers he leads: Tom Kuseske , Paul Otte, Dale Busacker and Tim Utter. Thanks to all of you Academy boys!!!

Others have generously given of their time, energy, and talents on behalf of the scholarship.  To Paul Hillmer, a former student of Prof. Bartling’s who stepped into his teaching position when Bartling retired, for his constant advocacy for the scholarship, as well as Nina Zachary from MTEP and Jeannette Clonkey from CSAL who represent their groups in the fundraising efforts.

We now have our eyes and hearts set on continuing towards the ultimate goal of raising $50,000 and providing a secure financial base for the scholarship going forward.

With Much Appreciation,

The Bartling Scholarship

2 thoughts on “Scholarship Celebrates New Level

  1. Two youngest offspring keep their “father off the streets” with duties to performon on this web site. Would not have it otherwise. Pater Familias

  2. To give additional credit where it is due, the oldest Bartling daughter expresses sincere gratitude and thanks for the extraordinary vision, time, energy and talent to spearhead a legacy of our parents, Fred and Ruth Bartling, through the Bartling Scholarship. What a blessing our two youngest sisters, Stephanie and Anastasia, are to us. Thank you sisters-Victoria

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